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Event Review: Jacks Hill May 2022

May 12, 2022 / Comments0 / 1280 / Event Results
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On Sunday 8 May, twenty-five competitors took to Jack’s Hill at Wanneroo Raceway in an event style we’ve not tried in a long while: regularity. With drivers traversing the top-bottom-top of the hill course layout, consistency between runs was rewarded: Your score was based off the combined time difference between your fastest run compared to your 2nd fastest and then 3rd fastest run compared to your fastest run. Your slowest of the four runs was not included in these calculations.

This meant that even a driver in a car that was far from the level of the quickest of the day could still be rewarded for their consistent driving. In 3rd place, with a difference between slowest and fastest runs of 1.49 seconds, was Chris Richmond in his Toyota 86. 2nd was taken by Matt Richardson in his VW Polo, his split being just 1.09 seconds.

The WRX Club at least had a Subaru at the top, with 1st being taken by the VERY surprised Matt Callaghan in his GC8. His time difference? Just 0.4 sec separating the fastest and slowest of 3 runs! So here is how we actually calculated the scores, Score was based off the combined time difference between your fastest run compared to your 2nd fastest and 3rd fastest runs, with the slowest run not counted in the scores. Another GC8 also the quickest single run of the day (Speed Demon award): Marshall Softley in an STi RA not only marched through the course the quickest, but also finished just off the podium in 4th position –– his time difference being 1.75 seconds.

As an aside, we continue to see females making up an ever-increasing percentage of the entry numbers––a fantastic thing! Around 1/4 of all finishers were female (6 out of 25), with Sarah Fry and Hayley Darcy taking 5th and 6th spots respectively.

Many thanks to the committee members and officials that organised and ran the event—it all went very smoothly but for a certain Miss Oxley who decided there might be an award for taking out the most cones on a single run. She must be related to her dad after all.

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