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Redeeming Your 1 Year Complimentary Membership

When purchasing any new Subaru WRX , STI or other Subaru Performance Vehicle, WRX Club of WA offers new car buyers a one (1) year Complimentary Membership to our club with the support of Subaru.

How to find your complimentary membership

Your Complimentary Membership offer is located in the glove box of your new car. If you can’t locate it, ask the dealer for one or download and print from the link below.

Benefits of becoming a member of WRX Club of WA

1. Free Club Membership Card entitling you to participate in all club events and voting rights at Annual General Meeting (AGM).

2. Entitlement to membership of the Confederation of Australian Motor Spot (CAMS).

3. The most beneficial part of being a member of our unique club is the valuable information you can gain from socialising with club members. Information which could save you thousands of dollars or many hours of heartache.

To take up this offer, the buyer needs to complete a 2 step procedure:

Step 1: Membership Application (Join Online)

How to complete out online membership application:

1. To join WRX Club of Western Australia (Inc.), you need to complete our online membership application. Simply follow the link here and select the membership level that best fits your situation.

Metro Membership:                 $60 subscription (Standard or Associate)
Regional Membership:            $30 subscription (>75km from Perth GPO)
Family Membership:                $30 subscription (Lives in same house as Metro or Regional Member)

2. From the membership levels listed, please select the appropriate membership level.

3. After selecting your membership level, you are re-directed to the membership checkout page. To claim your complimentary membership, you need to apply a discount code (see below). Our website will process your complimentary membership with a $0.00 (zero) payment. In the middle of the membership checkout page, locate the words ‘Do you have a discount code? Click the link and an additional box will open. Type in the discount code ‘subaru’ and click the apply button next to the discount code field. The page will update and display the reduced membership fee.

Discount Code = ‘subaru’

Step 2: Dealer Endorsement

How to achieve dealer endorsement:

The next step is completed by your dealer. Please ask the dealer to complete the required details including customer name, purchase date and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the discount voucher form.

Most important, the dealer must endorse the form, by stamping with their Dealer Stamp in the space provided.

Ask the dealer to scan and email the completed form to: and we can complete your membership application. Our Membership Secretary will then post your Membership Card to the shipping address in your profile.


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