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Event Calendar 2019

January 31, 2020 / Comments0 / 1190 / Event Results
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Hello all

First of all, welcome to 2019 I hope you all had a good break.

We have finalised the dates for the motorsport calendar now and I would like to share that with you but first….  February 5th is the clubs 21st birthday, we are looking to organise a little gathering to celebrate so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Our Club Motorsport Championship (CMSC) will consist this year of 6 rounds and it is our aim to make this season a little different. We would like to get to round 6 and have a few people fighting for that number 1 spot. To do this we have changed some of the events to allow the people with good car control but who may not necessarily have  the fastest car to have a chance of being up there!

CMSC Points

The CMSC has two components, Subaru owner members and Associate owners of cars that are not Subaru!

Each round the number one spot will receive 10 points, 2nd place 9, down to 10th place receiving 1 point.  Everyone lower than 10th spot will receive 1 point for entering.

So, we will have effectively two lots of 10 point awarded each round for Subaru and Associate members. This is how the rounds have always been run I just wanted to clarify for the newer members.

The first round is on the 17th February and will be a Karting event held at The Kart Centre in Canning Vale, this will be a simple shootout round with the fastest top 3 taking the trophies, with points awarded as per above.


The rest of the Motorsport year looks like this.

  • March 30th

Barbagallo Point to point (hosted be WASCC)  CMSC round 2

  • April 28th

Tiger Kart Club CMSC Round 3

  • May 5th

Midvale Speed Dome

  • June 29th

Barbagallo Point to point (hosted be WASCC)  CMSC round 4

  • July 28th

Jacks Hill CMSC Round 5

  • Sept 8th

Tiger kart Club

  • November 16th

Collie Weekend  CMSC round 6


Some of these dates could be subject to change based on factors outside of our control but if this happens, I will let you know as soon as I can.


So put these dates in your calendar and hope to see you out there!

-Paul Oxley, Club President


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